StrongSold Marketing Action Plan

Our marketing system has been carefully engineered to allow us to deliver the maximum value to a Seller of an asset with a value of over $1,000,000.

Proprietary Database

Our back office has identified every property sale, in every asset class (single family and government excluded) that has occurred during the past 10 years in Ontario that has had a sale price of over $750,000. Whether the sale was private (in most cases they were) or MLS, we track both the Sellers (potential future investors that obviously have cash from their sale) and more importantly the Purchasers (developers and investors). We have systems in place that provide contact information for these people, even in the case of numbered companies. We also capture all foreign investors as they start to build their portfolios in Ontario.

Proprietary Commercial Realtor Database

We have identified all of the commercial realtors from the large national and international brokerages in Ontario and as many independent ones as possible to create a database that we are able to email our listings to.


Accessible by all realtors, your property will be offered to all Realtors with cooperating commission payable by us. The MLS facilitates cooperation with other broker participants, accumulates and disseminates information to enable appraisals, and is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information to better serve broker’s clients, customers and the public.

Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB)*

We can list your property on Canada’s largest MLS system, the Toronto Real Estate Board, which serves more than 37,000 licensed real estate Brokers and Salespersons in and around the Greater Toronto Area including: Ajax, Aurora, Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Halton Hills, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan, and Whitby. Toronto agents searching for investment properties or development land will see your listing.


This is the public site for all MLS commercial listings in Canada. An estimated 304,500 visitors view 3,307,500 properties each month.


This is the most heavily trafficked commercial real estate marketplace online with more than 5.8 million registered members and 3.6 million unique monthly visitors.


A custom and professionally designed sign unique to your property (see example attached), will be erected at the property.





* These marketing efforts are specifically tailored to each property. They will not be applicable for all properties.

Promotional Materials and our Secure Document Centre

We will develop a flyer and a package with the final approval of the client if requested.  We draw a very distinct difference between the flyer and a property package. The flyer is purely for promotional purposes and is the piece that is sent to thousands of contacts and is sometimes available for the general public to view.

The package on the other hand contains detailed and sometimes confidential information. We believe it is very important to make this available to interested parties only for two reasons. The first reason is obvious, we want to qualify potential contacts before any information is released. Two, it allows us to collect valuable contact information for proper follow up on your property. This is achieved through our secure online document centre. Users fill out a confidentiality registration page that allows them to view the documents from the document centre with unique login information. This system also automatically notifies participants when a document has been revised.

Progress Reports

We use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that was developed by the most innovative company in America by Forbes magazine called Salesforce. When we start to market a property, a project is created within our CRM. This allows us to track all incoming and outgoing emails with regards to the property. It also allows us to make notes on all outgoing and incoming phone calls. Our secure online document centre notifies us when participants have logged on and how many times. It will also generate reports that account for all activity within a certain file such as logins, which documents were viewed, when potential buyers logged on, how many times a person logged on, etc.

You will be provided with monthly progress reports.