Stronghold $100,000 Fixed Fee NEW!


We have listened to some of our largest clients and have decided to respond with a very special marketing plan that works for a specific circumstance. To make this plan work two things need to be in place. First it needs to a large asset. Assets over $10,000,000 work the best. Secondly, the Seller needs to be serious about selling. They know it’s just a matter of ‘who’, not ‘if’. For an asset that has a competitive buyer pool the Seller knows several of the likely Purchasers and just wants someone to market it to every potential buyer, negotiate the highest price, and provide due diligence expertise without paying a high high commission. The reason that these two factors need to be in place is due to the fact that is not an ‘if come commission’, it’s a fee payable regardless of sale. The property will be professionally marketed for up to 3 years (in the same manner as the marketing efforts described in the Stronghold Marketing Action Plan). An initial $10,000 is made at the time of the listing. A further $10,000 is due each quarter with any balance being accelerated to be due upon the closing date